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Between the seven key camera manufacturers (Panasonic, Sony, Thompson, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, and Canon), over a half dozen different camera configurations (listed below), over 50 different professional camera models, and hundreds of camera accessories, there are an overwhelming number of variables and choices in selecting the right camera package. This is why many clients turn to D.A.V. BROADCAST for recommendations. Our Camera Team are a group of technologists with a passion for cinematography.

Studio Camera Solution
With High Definition (HD) equipment becoming affordable, most of the studio cameras we sell and integrate are HD or HD ready. When a client has a smaller budget, the studio & ENG multipurpose camera solution can be a great alternative (see below).
ENG Camera Solution
An ENG camera solution is perfect for single camera productions, documentaries, interviews, and news. An ENG camera can be configured with a wireless transmitter for relay transmission back to a news van. An ENG camera solution can be configured with an external recorder, additional tapeless recording, ENG tripod, audio recording, wireless intercom, and battery packages.
Studio & ENG Multipurpose Camera Solution
A studio & ENG multipurpose camera solution is taking an ENG camera and configuring it to support a multi camera studio environment. This is accomplished by adding a fiber or multicore Camera Control Unit (CCU) and additional studio camera features. This option is common for a multi camera production that also requires a field camera.
Robotic Camera Solution
A robotic camera solution is taking a box camera and mounting it with server controlled Pan and Tilt system. There are also fully integrated robotic cameras from Panasonic or Sony. A feature of using robotic cameras is that one operator can control and manage several cameras. The robotic camera cuts labor costs and requires less space.
Robotic & ENG Multipurpose Camera Solution
A robotic & ENG multipurpose camera solution is taking an ENG camera and mounting it to a heavy duty Pan and Tilt system. This allows you to maximize your investment in cameras.
Slow Motion Camera Solution
A slow-motion camera can improve the quality and entertainment value of a sports production. These cameras can capture video up to 180 images per second. A specialized slow motion camera can capture up to 1.4 million frames per second
Film Cameras
For filmmakers, having the right camera, lens, and accessory package is an important variable to successful TV productions, features, commercials, or documentaries. From a budget-conscious independent production to a blockbuster production, our team can assemble the right film camera solution for your needs and price range.
Digital Cinematography Cameras
For many high-end productions, film is a thing of the past. Using digital cinematographic cameras such as the Thomson Viper, RED, and DALSA,

The Bill of Materials for a Camera Package consists of dozens of pieces of equipment. This equipment list is determined during the engineering process. The following is an sample of the key pieces of equipment that are integrated into the Production Studio:

Studio Cameras:
  • Panasonic AK-HC3500
  • Sony HDC1500R
  • Hitachi SK-HD100
  • Grass Valley LDK400

ENG Cameras that can be Studio Configured:
  • Panasonic AG-HPX500
  • Panasonic AG-HDX900
  • Sony PDW700
  • JVC GY-HD250U

Robotic Cameras:
  • Panasonic AK-HC1500G
  • Panasonic AW-HE100
  • Sony BRCZ700
  • Hitachi DK-H32

Slow Motion Cameras:
  • Thomson LDK-8300
  • Phantom v710

Film Cameras:
  • Arri
  • 16mm, 35mm, or 65mm


Tapeless recording has become a standard feature in many of the production studios, production vehicles, and camera solutions we sell and integrate. A properly designed and engineered tapeless recording solution can improve efficiency, improve video and audio quality, cut labor costs, and shorten post production time.
When we integrate a tapeless recording solution, our real intent is to create a "native workflow," an end-to-end production pipeline for your video that requires no tape ingest, transcoding or encoding for maximum file flexibility.
Using Quicktime as your native format allows you to deliver files to your editorial department can begin editing the media immediately. Without need for tape ingesting or transcoding the file. Productions now move efficiently in the organization. Once your editorial department is finished, the file can be natively distributed, natively played by an automated playout system (channel), archived natively, and natively pushed to a website and cell phone.
To begin the process of integrating your Tapeless Recording solution, simply click here to Request a Free Tapeless Recording System Consultation or give our Integration Sales Team a call.

When D.A.V. BROADCAST integrates an Audio Recording Studio, it typically consists of a sound stage, control room, and machine room. Depending on your exact needs and budget, a recording studio can be a critical feature to asophisticated production environment. We acoustically engineer the sound room to maximize the audio quality. Acoustic engineering takes many variables into consideration such as the room size, shape, walls, material, outside noise, inside noise, and surrounding areas.

The control room is "the brain" of the production. Depending on the budget and needs, the typical control room consists of a large audio mixer, analyzers, monitoring, and record/playback control. With control of the recorders and playback at your operator's fingertips, you can efficiently and effectively manage, control, monitor, and create a multitrack recording.

The Machine Room is the heart of your facility. It contains the majority of the equipment that allows your recording stage and control room to function. As the underlying infrastructure to your recording studio, it includes key components and systems including the router, recorders, storage, QC, and the "glue."

Typically, the majority of your audio signals are brought to the router creating total interconnectivity and ultimate flexibility. To begin the process of integrating your Audio Recording Studio, simply The Bill of Materials for an Audio Recording Studio consists of hundreds of pieces of equipment that is determined during the engineering process. The following is an sample of the key pieces of equipment that are integrated into the Production Studio:

Audio Mixing:
  • Digi Design ICON
  • Pro Tools
  • Calrec

Audio Monitors and Speakers:
  • Genelec
  • KRK
  • Wohler

Facility Router:
  • Harris Platinum
  • Grass Valley Concerto
  • Network Electronics
  • Sierra Video

Audio Recording:
  • Pro Tools
  • Alesis


Lighting Solutions vary from a turnkey automated lighting mixer and grid to a simple ENG light kit. No matter the size, capabilities, budget, or required complexities, the D.A.V. BROADCAST Lighting Team can design and install any lighting system required for your production needs.

For a production stage, it's important that the lighting is properly designed and engineered. For larger production facility installations, a lighting solution typically consists of a series of light grids with dozens of studio fixtures, All the studio fixtures are connected to a lighting control system which allows you to manually control your lighting or create a series of automated commands.

For small to medium-size stages, a lighting grid with a series of studio fixtures is typically all you need. For ENG and outdoor lighting solutions, we configure a portable lighting package that best fits your application.