For most managers, the thought of moving a production facility is daunting. D.A.V. BROADCAST takes the stress and concern out of the move. Sitting down with your team, we develop a plan that fits your moving schedule, meets your occupancy date, and allows for limited to zero downtime of your broadcast, production, or post operations.

In the typical facility move, we first design, engineer, and wire the new facility. The move may allow us to suggest improvements to your workflow and plan for future upgrades. Then, at the old facility we inventory, decommission, and package all the equipment into crates. We move the crates to the new facility and begin commissioning. Once everything is up and running, we coach your team on the operations of the new facility.
Besides relocations, clients use our "A Team" for upgrades or expansions including HD, digital, tapeless, or improved workflow upgrades. In these scenarios our team creates a plan to accomplish the upgrade or expansion while utilizing existing infrastructure and without disrupting current operations.


If you require a Production Solution not listed on our service menu, or would like to talk to our team about different approaches and what would be best for you, please don't hesitate to contact us. Simply click the Request for Proposal button or give our Integrated Sales Team a call.
Top 5 Reasons To Choose Scale-Out NAS Products
  • 1. Simplicity – You need a storage system that is simple to buy, build, maintain, and grow. Our easy-to-manage scale-out NAS significantly reduces your TCO. With our scale out NAS you don't need to add storage administrators as your storage grows. One person can now manage petabytes of data, minimizing operating expenditures and keeping your staff focused on managing their data—not their storage.

  • 2. Scalability – You face unpredictable storage and capacity requirements. Our scale-out NAS solutions enable you to non-disruptively scale performance and capacity in the right combination, depending on the usage access pattern or content type of your business. Our storage can scale capacity from 20 terabytes to 10 petabytes in a single file system and scale performance up to 50GB per second.

  • 3. Efficiency – Our solutions significantly accelerate the productivity of mission-critical applications, workflows, and processes to help speed time to market and enable you to pursue new business opportunities.

  • 4. Availability – Our offers the industry's highest level of end-to-end data protection. By offering up to quadruple failure protection, we ensure that even if up to4 nodes or drives fail simultaneously, 100% of your data is still available. Automatic replication of data to remote sites can be performed without impact on other network resources.

  • 5. D.A.V. Storage Enables Success – we are committed to removing the barriers that exist between businesses and their data. That's why we've designed our scale-out storage platform to serve as a powerful yet simple foundation for effective data and application management.While storage by itself cannot drive a business forward, the right storage can reduce cost and complexity in a way that fuels innovation, sustains growth and delivers competitive advantage.

Post Solutions


With seamless collaboration, Final Cut Pro is quickly becoming the number one editorial solution. D.A.V. BROADCAST doesn't just sell Final Cut Pro, we integrate a turnkey Final Cut Pro Editing solution that fits your exact needs and budget. You receive a system completely installed (hardware and software), thoroughly tested, and immediately ready for editing.

The Final Cut Pro Systems we sell and integrate range from a simple Mac Book Pro with an AJA KI PRO to a full facility with dozens of Final Cut Pro suites on collaborative storage. We assure the Final Cut Pro solution is complete, including the highest quality video I/O. To learn more about our Final Cut Integration Services click here to request a Final Cut Pro System Consultation.

Click Here for additional information on Final Cut Studio and the software applicationsthat are included.


If your facility is considering adopting Avid's family of editing tools for TV, news, film, and audio, D.A.V. BROADCAST has a dedicated Systems Integration team that can help you design and integrate Avid technologies with a variety of systems, storage, and networks.
Contact our Integration Sales Team to learn about how we can integrate the right Avid solution for you.